Web Intelligence (WEBINT) Solutions

Network Analysis

  • Profile targets from social media and web sources

  • Unveil social connections, groups and influencers

  • Access targets with limited public information; target engagement

WEBINT Location-Based Data

  • Track data based on locations and from any mobile device

  • Use geofences to discover relations between seemingly non-related data points

  • Generate accurate threat suspect profile based on location data and demographics; reveal potential suspects

Anonymous Browsing & Avatar Management

  • Anonymity; use proxies from worldwide locations

  • Organize and analyze avatars

  • Easily manage virtual agents in various online platforms

Social Engineering

  • Design, create, manage and execute an information operations campaign

  • Perform live actions to collect information while the target is connected

  • Can target anyone using a device which is able to surf the web

Enhanced Due Diligence Screening 

  • Easy-to-use search engine for all KYC/AML/CFT queries

  • Provide AI-driven insights on reputation risk and negative sentiment behavioral trends (companies and individuals)

  • Automated network analysis for UBO discovery, front-man/money mule threats, and other network risks

Immigration & Border Control

  • Enhanced profiling solution aimed at detecting and identifying suspicious individuals; A.I.-based scoring solution

  • Visitor information, such as passenger manifests, can be ingested and used as data points

  • Relevant data can be analyzed to calculate a Risk Score; an alert will be triggered when a certain risk threshold has been reached